MTP air heaters


MTP air heaters

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Direct heaters are intended for air transportation and treatment in ventilation and heating systems of utility services and civic amenities such as:

Their main advantage is the utilization in premises where forced ventilation is required. Ventilation can be thus combined with heating. Investment costs for hot-water heating system distribution are reduced; useful plan coverage area is maintained, operating energy demands are lower (more flexible regulation then in case of hot water heating systems). The system is not dependant on the activity of the hot water boiler plant; this is in particularly useful in transition periods.

Description of MTP heaters

The core of the MTP air heater is a flue gas-air exchanger, well designed from selected materials according to the intended way of use in order to ensure maximum efficiency and lifetime. Bypass of the exchanger is supplied by air delivered by propeller bilateral suction fans. The air can be sucked either from the base or sides of the heater and distributed through the air timer directly to the heated space or attached to ductwork.

MTP air heaters are produced in horizontal or vertical designs. Both designs can be equipped with a number of accessories such as louver valves, filters, elastic joints etc.

Heaters are delivered with fans and motors according to the customers' needs, with the requested disposal pressure for articulation at the ductwork.

Composite panels with 30 mm mineral insulation are used for jacketing. Their finishing is made of zinc-coated sheet metal. Upon customer's request, the heater can be delivered in any colour. Outdoor design is complemented with a covering or ultimately with a canopy.


Special designs

Apart from the standard output series, upon request, the air heater can be constructed with custom specifications. The heaters are adapted respectively constructed in compliance with the desired specifications. The heaters can be delivered with high temperature bypass, control bypass with double course jacketing etc. The advantages are: heat load up to 4 000 kW, air volume up to 150 000 m3/h, outlet temperature up to 350°C and external pressure up to 10 000 Pa.


The heaters are delivered in block designs. The frame is made from welded steel sections, which contributes to greater stability of the unit and enables it to use a non-standard design (hanger etc.). Jacketing is made to allow to the maximum heat insulation of the unit. A centrifugal fan design ensures a silent operation of the assembly. The heat exchanging surface is made from materials that guarantee the required lifetime of the exchanger (steel class 11, stainless steel).

Electric accessories and regulation

The heater comes as standard delivered with its own electric starter box and wiring that secures protection and start-up of the fan motor - a triple thermostat placed at the unit ensures both burner lockout and fan run-out and allows manual operation of the unit. Regulation can be enhanced further with automatic operation of the unit, a regulator for continuous control of the burner output, control of other actuating mechanisms etc.

An electric starter box is placed at the heater, but upon customer's request can be delivered separately.

Weishaupt pressure burners come as standard with the unit; these burn natural gas, propane butane, extra light heating oil and other kinds of fuels. Burners are standardly delivered with a two-stage or modulating regulation. Burners comprise entire gas fittings, electric control and all safety functions.

Attachment of the heater to ductwork

The heater can be attached to ductwork at the inlet as well as outlet side. The ductwork can be bolted directly to the heater frame by attached nuts. When the heater is provided with other accessories - i.e. filter, the flange of these accessories is identical with the flange of the unit. It is advisable to separate the successive ductwork parts with an elastic sleeve.


The MTP air heaters can be provided with a whole range of accessories, which can be attached directly to the frame of the heater. On suction side the accessories can be attached wherever practical - at long longitudinal sides, front and rear sides and base (especially for attachment in case of horizontal design). Basic accessories include:

  • Loose chambers
  • Regulatory valves
  • Fluted filters
  • Pocket filters
  • Silencing blocks
  • Rain-proof louvers
  • MTP gas-fired air heaters

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