MTP air heaters


MTP air heaters

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Long-established Czech MTP gas-fired air heaters have an extensive range of use. Our company manufactures air heaters suitable for all fields of gas-fired air heating. These direct air heaters are designed for air transport and treatment in heating and ventilation systems. The heat load of standard air heaters and MTP units ranges from 20 to 1500 kW, upon request, it is also possible to deliver air heaters with heat load up to 5000 kW. The air volume distributed through a basic set of MTP units ranges from 1 500 to 80.000 m3/h. As a heating medium for MTP air heaters, natural gas, propane butane, light heating oil, heating oil and other fuels, can be used. Standard air heaters are fitted with top-class Weishaupt burners.


Advantages of MTP Units


The compact air heaters

Modular heating and ventilation units

Exchangers and exchanger parts

Products for Health Care

Our company produces roentgen stands including its motion mechanism. The stands are exported to Germany, Switzerland and Egypt. During the production of the roentgen stands and related parts, our company has also closely participated on the development an optimisation of these products.

Machines for Food and Printing Industry

Machines for food and printing industry are produced mainly for meat production - crimping and automated printing machines are just an example.

Mechanical and Electronic parts for Balancing machines

Mechanical and electronic parts for balancing machines are produced for our former parent company INOVA Praha which has been focusing on production of hydraulic load testing machines and other testing tools. The INOVA Praha Company requires from us to supply high precision components and we also participate on their development. Specifically, we have produced and developed hydraulic cylinders and its components and hydraulic control parts.

Other Engineering Products

JINOVA s.r.o. Company supplies a wide range of other separate components and construction clusters both for domestic and international market. These are for example components for balancing machines (for the Schenck Rotec GmbH Company), stands and other components for wood-processing machines (for the Hoffman Company), components for machines which are used in auto service centres (for the Saxon Company) etc.

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About US

Jinova s.r.o. specializes in the production itself especially. For accurate engineering production with a thirty-year tradition of our company's own development and construction.

JINOVA s.r.o.

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