MTP air heaters


MTP air heaters

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The JINOVA s.r.o. Copany was established in 1992 after privatisation of the former INOVA Company - Branch Jilemnice. Originally, the company focused on development and production of technologically demanding hydraulic machines, hydraulic control components for military rocket devices and other high precision engineering products. Today, Jinova s.r.o. specializes in own production of: Gas-fired Air Heaters, Air Handling Units

To provide precise engineering production, backed by 30 years of tradition, our company has its own development and construction departments. The Jinova s.r.o. production department employs currently over 40 production workers.


The compact air heaters

Modular heating and ventilation units

Cooperative production

Sanitary technology

Our company stands for producing X-rays, including the physical drives for export (Germany, Switzerland, Egypt

Machinery for the food and printing industries

Machinery for the food and printing industries produced especially for the production of sausages, it is ...

Mechanics and electronics balancing machines

Mechanics and electronics balancing machines are made to our former parent company INOVA Praha ...

Other engineering products

The company Jinova sro supplies both at home and abroad a wide range of other independent parts and assemblies ...

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About US

Jinova s.r.o. specializes in the production itself especially. For accurate engineering production with a thirty-year tradition of our company's own development and construction.

JINOVA s.r.o.

Do Žlábku 733
514 01 Jilemnice, Česká Republika

TEL: +420 481 541 518
FAX: +420 481 544 184
GPS Loc: 50°36'49.474'N, 15°30'42.216'E